Hi I am Josephine Virginia, aka Josie. Self-confessed coffee addict, ski bum, adventurer and music lover.

A North Carolina native, and Colorado transplant I have been playing with any type of mediums, since childhood. Raised by an art teacher, my creative focus has ranged from painting, to fibers, to photography. I am passionate about seeking and creating beauty from unexpected places.

I am constantly inspired by traveling, nature and the magic of other humans, my  goal is to bring this beauty and inspiration to others through my work. I believe the small moments, and details form together to bring us the magic that is life. Sharing this magic in honest, and romantic forms is what draws me back to creating time and time again.

I graduated from North Carolina State University, with a Bachelor of Art and Design and Bachelor of science in Textile Technology through the Anni Albers program.

Recently photography has captured my creative attention. I enjoy seeking out the candid moments that pass between people. I believe these moments are what define our lives, as quickly as they pass, and as small as they are. Capturing these moments allows us to see the vibrant, emotional, and intimate aspects of human life. I strive to make my photography style intimate, romantic, and unapologetically honest.