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AntelopeCanyon_JosephineVirginia (17 of 30)

Antelope Canyon

By On June 9, 2015

Next stop: Antelope Canyon I am absolutely in love with these photos from Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is a formation right outside of Page, Arizona. There are two part of the canyon,… Read More

Summer_Macro_JosephineVirginia (11 of 12)

Bark and other Macro shots from this Summer

By On December 3, 2013

So as I was going through my photos I found a couple pictures I had planned on making a post with but forgot about! So since I haven’t posted in a while… Read More

PineyLake_Skinner (17 of 33)

Piney Lake and Color Changes

By On September 28, 2013

The weather here in Vail has started to transition from Summer to Winter, and I mean in a very past pace. The trees are beautiful changing from green to bright yellow, with… Read More


Herman’s Gulch Hike

By On July 22, 2013

Herman’s Gulch is a 6.5 mile round trip hike near Bakerville, CO. The trail leads to a small glacier on top that leads into a small “lake”. With a 1,655 ft elevation… Read More